Websites : - A Property for Sale website for the local immobilier.

There is also a matching website in French (

The website is built on a Wordpress backend but has many custom features written in PHP to provide the following functionality...

PDF Creation - Visitors to the website are able to download PDF files for individual properties.

Window Display - A large screen in the window of the estate agent's office displays pictures and text for properties for sale. The properties change every 5 seconds.

Custom Admin Page - A custom admin page allows the staff to easily add property details.

Please take a look at : - A Portfolio website for a local builder.

The website is built on a Wordpress backend but has been tweaked to provide custom features.

Ray required a simple but easy to use website so that he could display his services adn, more importantly, allow potential clients to get in touch with him.

As no two building projects are the same, we felt that the best way to showcase Ray's skill was to display lots of photos of past work.

Please take a look at : - A French website for a manufacturer of specialist baits for carp fishing.

Once again, built on a Wordpress backend but has been completely styled to match the look and feel of it's UK sister company.

A complete online shop was installed, allowing potential customers to order their fishing baits online.

Please take a look at : - A website for Carp fishing lake holidays in the Morbihan.

Whilst using a Wordpress backend this site has been completely styled, top to bottom, to match the client's requirement.

Amongst the client's specific requirements, a custom logo was designed to help brand the site.

Additionally, a downloadable brochure (in PDF format) was custom designed for the client.

Please take a look at : - A Quick and Dirty website that I created for myself.

A simple Wordpress website that built for fun.

The website only took a day to create....

Although getting the data - details of market days for every town in France - took somewhat longer!

As I charge by the hour (or a pre-arranged cost per project) this shows how cheaply you can get a website of your own.

Please take a look at : - This was a friend's job.

Once again, a Wordpress website but styled, top to bottom, to match my friend's character.

This site was a joy to create, mainly because I have sampled some of Rosie's wonderful cooking.

Please take a look at : - An early project, this site has stood the test of time.

This is a static website which means that it is blisteringly fast to load.

The downside is that this site is not client updatable. This is not an issue for clients who want a Gite website, for example and, anyway, I can always update static websites should the requirement arise (a change in prices, for example.)

Although an older site, I am displaying it here to show the range of add ons that I am able to provide.

Such as... A Bookshop, Market Day details, Weather Data, Vital Phrases, Public Holidays, Maps and even Games!

Please take a look at

What next?

If you like what you see and would like your own website then please feel free to contact me

I am fully up front and open about my charges (so that there are no nasty surprises) - you can check them out on my Services & Charges page.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (contact details at the bottom of the page.)

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