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Web Design & Hosting Support Consultancy Programming

Web Design & Hosting

HTML & CSS : - I have been handcoding HTML websites since 2005.

Wordpress : - I have built many Wordpress websites and am quite happy writing PHP code to manipulate the underlying wordpresss functions.

PHP & MySQL : - For my PHP and MySQL competencies, take a look at the Programming section.

Graphics : - Although I don't claim to be a graphic artist, I am more than capable of manipulating graphics and creating logos. I can turn your photos into Web Ready images for your website and I can create a custom logo for you to use.

Video : - I have had experience of video editing and hosting.

SEO : - I only engage in White Hat search Engine Optimisation. This means that I don't buy links (or cheat) to improve search results. Instead I build search engine friendly websites with correct placement of keywords to organically improve search engine results.

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Hardware : - From printers to latops to PCs and Servers, I have repaired hundreds (if not thousands) of machines over the years.

Before I left the UK (in late 2002) I was a Compaq certified laptop engineer, a HP authorised Printer engineer and a Compaq certified Server engineer.

Software : - At home I run Windows, OSX and Linux. I think that I have come across most software packages that are in current use and personally used many of them.

Training : - I have trained a countless number of people on bespoke and standard packages.

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Project Management : - In my time in coprporate IT I have been involved with many, many projects. At Glaxo Welcome I was part of the Business Solutions Group providing consultancy and support to major budget center managers.

For a full listing of my past IT experience, please take a look at the About Me page.

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C : - I am a competent C programmer.

PHP : - I have had many years experience of writing server side PHP code.

SQL : - Specialising in MySQL, I have a strong understanding of SQL.

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Keith Eckstein
20 Place Aristide Briand Tel: 0044 2895 81 1929 Siren: 514 452 838
Huelgoat Mobile: 06 66 40 04 03 Siret:514 452 838 00014
29690 Email: