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Web Design & Hosting

Website Design - BrittanyFor website design I charge a standard rate of 20€ an hour.

However, once I have designed a great website for you, it needs to be hosted.

I have a dedicated web server (based in a secure datacenter) and I can host that website for you. I will arrange for your site to be backed up every night and will apply security patches (where necessary) whenever required.

You will get a .com (or .fr/.eu) domain name - something like - and up to 3 email addresses associated with that domain name (such as,, - you might not need more than one email address but the option is there if you want it.

I will do the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to ensure that the major search engines are aware of your site.

This, though, does cost me money and time. I have to pay for the domain name renewals and the leasing of the webserver. I have to check the backups every morning (7 days a week, 365 days a year) and test them ensure that they match the actual site.


I have to charge a 100€ a year (payable in advance) fee for website hosting (for a single website), domain name renewal, security dilligence and website backups.

So, the big question...

How much will a website cost?

Well, to be honest, the only answer that I can give you is... How long is a piece of string?

A simple 4 or 5 page website (something like might take me about 15 hours to do.

Thus, the cost would be 300€ to design and build your website and, then, 100€ a year to host.

So, your initial cost might be about 400€ and, thereafter, 100€ a year. That means that, in the first year, you need to rent out your Gite for one week (or do a week's paving/gardening/building) to pay for your own website. Thereafter, your cost will be just a weekend's, out of season, Gite rental (or just over a day's work if you are an Artisan), once a year to cover the costs of your web presence.

Anyway, once again, every website is unique and I am more than happy to quote you, in advance, an indicative price (based upon the assumed number of hours of work).

Or, a project price (where I tell you definitely that this project will cost this much money - if I get it done in less hours than I anticipated I'll be able to treat myself to fish and chips at my local English bar; if I get it wrong than I'll be eating sardines on toast and berating myself - but there'll be no hard feelings.)

It's your choice.

How can I reduce this cost?

To be totally honest (and I always am), the best way that you can reduce your website costs is to help me to help you.

If you can provide me with the text that you wish to be shown on your website then the less hours that I have to spend writing that text for you. Less hours equals less money for you to pay.

If you can provide me with the images that you wish for me to display on your website then the less hours that I have to spend obtaining (or generating) those images for you. Less hours equals less money for you to pay.


Why not just ask for a price for your new project?

There's no charge for that.

I'll make sure that I'll come up with the right price for you.

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Computer SupportMaintenance and Cleaning - Has your computer ground to a halt?

I can visit and clean your laptop or PC. In some cases it may be more efficient to take your computer away, back it up and then re-install the software to return the machine to an As New state.

Do you think that you might have a virus?

I can run a full virus scan on your computer. I can also install up to date anti-virus software to protect you in the future.

Networking and internet - Do you need help in setting up your internet access or getting your Wi-Fi working?

Having worked as a temp for France Telecom I can diagnose most internet access problems and have been involved in networking since 1989.

Data Recovery - Has your hard disk crashed?

I may be able to recover your important data from it - this is always charged by fixed price - ask me for a quote.

Upgrades - Do you need new hardware or software installed?

Let me help.

Support charges

50€ an hour for the first hour.

25€ an hour thereafter.

A fuel surcharge may be applied for visits more than 20km from Huelgoat.

Or, ask me for a fixed quote in advance.

Generally I can fix your PC on site but should I need to take it away I have a loan machine that I can leave for no extra charge (subject to availability.)

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I can supply long term or short term IT consultancy services to businesses large and small.

For consultancy work the prices are negotiable depending on the nature of services required.

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Programming charges

Programming is charged at 25€ an hour or on a per project basis.

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If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Keith Eckstein
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